A few days before the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, Berlin’s Senator for the Interior Ehrhart Körting (SPD) warned of the threat posed by Islamist terrorists.

The protesters wanted to draw attention to solitary confinement and torture in Turkey, said a police spokesman. Prisoners in several Turkish prisons have repeatedly protested against a planned prison reform in recent weeks. 13 people have now died during the hunger strikes. The 14 occupiers ended the action after an hour and a half, said a police spokesman. Previously, they read a resolution entitled “Stop dying in Turkish prisons” “and sent it to the EU Council, which is currently Sweden’s presidency.

There is no connection to the bomb attack on the Turkish Consulate General. Source: ntv.de “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the subject of Islamists The police in five federal states have branches of the forbidden Islamist association” “Caliphate State” ” 16 associations were banned. The Bavarian Interior Minister Beckstein sees a “” significantly increased abstract threat “” from Islamist extremists. The BKA believes that the terror structures of Islamist fundamentalists are still fully functional, despite many successful searches.

A member of the Islamist group El Tawhid who was arrested in April 2002 for membership in a terrorist organization has been released. A Pakistani court has sentenced the militant Islamist Saeed to death and three other accomplices to 25 years’ imprisonment for the murder of the US journalist Pearl. Saeed immediately threatened all those responsible with death. India on Sunday accused Pakistan of being behind the attack by suspected Islamist extremists that killed at least 27 people on Saturday.

Suspected Islamist underground militants wreaked havoc on Saturday in a slum in the disputed province of Kashmir between India and Pakistan. Radical Islamists are said to have good relations with the State Criminal Police Office. A suspect allegedly had access to the police’s nationwide database. In a raid in Hamburg, the police provisionally arrested six suspected Islamist terrorists.

A total of eight men are suspected of having founded a terrorist organization. Half a year after the thwarted attack by the “shoe bomber” “Reid” on a US plane, five suspected Islamists have been arrested. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles from n-tv.de on the subject of Islamists The conquest of Gaza by the Islamist Hamas can also mean the end of the 50-year history of the Palestinians since the PLO was founded, and the power struggle between the Islamists and the secular Fatah party has been simmering for years.

He broke out openly during Arafat’s lifetime. Now it has been decided in the Gaza Strip. The Indonesian police said they had arrested a high-ranking member of the Islamist terrorist group “Jemaah Islamiyah”.

Abu Dujana is considered to be the mastermind behind some devastating terrorist attacks. A few days before the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, Berlin’s Senator for the Interior Ehrhart Körting (SPD) warned of the threat posed by Islamist terrorists. After the terrorist attacks on Jewish and British facilities in Istanbul in November 2003, the police carried out numerous raids on alleged Islamists.

In fighting between the Lebanese army and radical Islamists in Lebanon, the brother of one of the alleged “” suitcase bombers “” in Cologne was also killed. Prince Harry was supposed to be serving in Iraq. But after Islamist threats against him, it is now considered that he should stay at home. Manfred Bleskin comments.

A threat from Islamists is the background for the increased security precautions at US facilities in Germany. The protection of the constitution does not give any tips on Islamist activities in Bavaria’s mosques via the hotline.to kill a mockingbird sample The threatening video against Germany and Austria was processed on a computer in Thuringia. The raw material from Iraq was provided with German subtitles: “A valve that was not closed triggered the explosion in a Thyssen-Krupp AG power plant in Duisburg. The police announced this after interrogating workers.

The valve was opened during repair work, which then caused compressed air to flow into the gas lines. This apparently broke a line. The escaping gas-air mixture ignited and exploded, said a police spokesman after an initial consultation with experts.

The interrogations of the workers in the power station would continue. The detonation damage and the destruction caused by a subsequent fire on the power plant tower are immense, the damage runs into the millions. Nobody got hurt. Some residents suffered irritation of the respiratory organs and were examined by a doctor as a precaution. Several hundred men were on duty and the fire was under control after two hours. Source: ntv.de “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv. de on the subject of ThyssenKrupp According to a newspaper report, ThyssenKrupp is threatened with a takeover attempt by WCM.

While Thyssen knows nothing about it, WCM refuses to comment. Thyssen Krupp earned 23 percent less in the past fiscal year 2000/01 than in the previous year. The net profit shrank from 1.1 billion

Euros to 850 million euros; sales rose only slightly. The dividend will therefore be lower. ThyssenKrupp wants to sell its traditional Dortmund Westfalenhütte to China. The sintering plant, blast furnace and hot strip plant in Dortmund are to be dismantled by December 2003 and rebuilt at the Chinese steel manufacturer Shagang at the Zhangjiagang (Jiangsu province) location. There could soon be a new large steel company in Germany.

Allegedly, the Salzgitter Group wants to build a counterweight to ThyssenKrupp. The group has set its sights on EKO Stahl from Eisenhüttenstadt. The current economic downturn has also left its mark on the books of the German industrial group Thyssen Krupp.

The company had to report a decline in earnings in the third quarter of the fiscal year. The index heavyweights ThyssenKrupp and Allianz gave the German share index a friendly end to the day. The DAX went 1.36 percent firmer at 6,123.26 points. “Thyssenkrupp is procuring the urgently needed fresh money. However, the traditional group has to sell its elevator division. A good third of the workforce is affected.

The deal, however, washes billions into the group’s tight coffers. The badly ailing steel and industrial group Thyssenkrupp parted with its only pearl of earnings. For a total of 17.2 billion euros, the elevator division changes hands, as the company announced. The buyer is a consortium led by the financial investors Advent and Cinven and the Essen-based RAG Foundation. The group is reinvesting 1.25 billion of this in a stake.

The transaction is subject to merger control approvals, but one does not expect any concerns from the responsible authorities, it said. The Ruhr group is depressing net financial debt of seven billion euros and pension obligations of nine billion euros. Thyssenkrupp had therefore announced an IPO or sale of the business last year. The proceeds will now remain entirely in the group and will be used to reduce debt and reduce structural costs, it continues.

The company’s pension obligations are to be partially financed. The debt relief measures should make it possible to make the free cash flow before sales and acquisitions positive within two years. Thyssenkrupp Elevator has around 53,000 employees worldwide, which is almost a third of all employees in the Group. IG Metall announced that a secure location and job security had been agreed with the future owners. You run at least until 31.

March 2027. During this seven-year term, redundancies for operational reasons are excluded, all existing locations in Germany will be retained with their essential functions and should be strengthened. While the steel business is deep in the red, Thyssenkrupp achieved with the sale and maintenance of elevators and escalators generated an operating profit of 228 million euros in the first quarter of the current financial year alone. Following the sale of the elevator division, the traditional steel is to become Thyssenkrupp’s core business again. In the first quarter, however, ran an operating loss of 164 million euros in the division. Initially, 2,000 jobs are to be lost at Stahl – in the medium term there could be another 800. A look at the stock market price of the industrial icon who has been relegated from the Dax shows how valuable the elevator division is.

After a month-long drop in the stock market price, Thyssenkrupp only brought a market capitalization of around 5.7 billion euros on Thursday. From the investors’ point of view, the elevator division is three times as valuable as the entire group. Finally, in addition to the now successful consortium, a group consisting of Blackstone, Carlyle and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board was in the running. The Finnish competitor Kone left last week.

This had offered around 17 billion euros. According to insiders, the financial investors had offered almost 16 billion. At Thyssenkrupp, the situation had worsened over the past few months. The long-prepared merger of the steel division with the European branch of the Indian steel maker Tata was prohibited by the EU Commission. A split of the group into two stock corporations was canceled, Thyssenkrupp was thrown out of the Dax due to massive losses.

CEO Guido Kerkhoff had to resign after just over a year in office. In October, the chairwoman of the supervisory board, Martina Merz, moved to the top of the board as interim boss. The RAG-Stiftung is responsible for the financing of the long-term follow-up costs of the hard coal mining and relies on secure income from its capital. Source: ntv.de, jwu / rts / dpa / DJ “So far, the restructuring of the industrial group has not shown any success. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) After years of crisis, Thyssenkrupp should finally get back on track with Martina Merz at the top. But a quick improvement is not in sight: The Industrial group will probably slide even deeper into the red.

Heavy losses, no dividends for shareholders: a turbulent fiscal year ended for Thyssenkrupp without a forgiving conclusion. The new woman at the top, Martina Merz, therefore wants to push ahead with the restructuring in order to restore the group’s profitability. But that costs first of all.

Since there is also no economic tailwind, the company is likely to slide even deeper into the red in the new 2019/20 financial year. The medium-term targets were also postponed: In fiscal year 2018/19 (to the end of September) Thyssenkrupp posted a significantly higher loss than in the previous year due to operational problems. Restructuring costs and provisions for antitrust proceedings were also pushed. The deficit rose from 62 million to 304 million euros. The group canceled the dividend.

No improvement is expected for the current year. Thyssenkrupp assumes weaker development in the steel business. The adjusted EBIT should therefore reach the previous year’s level of 802 million euros.

The restructuring costs would lead to a significantly higher loss than in the previous year, announced Thyssenkrupp. “” We are currently turning every stone in the company, “said Merz when presenting the balance sheet. At the end of September she replaced the hapless Guido Kerkhoff. “” The performance of a number of our businesses is unsatisfactory. That also has to do with the fact that necessary structural improvements and restructuring were not implemented with the necessary consistency, “” says the manager.

The board of directors now wants to tackle this, with a focus on a possible separation from the elevator business and initially on plant construction and the auto components business. Plant construction, which is currently making losses, is to be brought back on track operationally. At the same time Thyssenkrupp is examining the possibility of further developing the business with partners or under a new roof, the company said. The new boss also wants to rebuild the auto parts business.

In the System Engineering business area, which manufactures bodywork and drive train components for the automotive industry and offers automation solutions for electrical storage and drive systems, around 640 jobs are to be cut, and the head office is also to be streamlined. For example, the management companies in the components business and plant construction are to be largely dissolved. Thyssenkrupp thus confirmed earlier speculations. The number of almost 800 employees will be reduced to around 430 in the next twelve months. Overall, Thyssenkrupp has earmarked a mid three-digit million euro amount for restructuring in the current fiscal year. Thyssenkrupp has not yet made a decision on its elevator business.

The group had indicative offers from strategic investors and financial investors. A possible IPO should also be pursued. The group needs the proceeds from a sale or IPO to finance its restructuring.

There should also be a future concept for the steel business. It is to be presented to the division’s supervisory board in December and discussed with employee representatives. Source: ntv.de, ftü / dpa “A boy observes a Turkish patrol in Syria. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) When Turkish troops march into Syria, imposed Even after Turkey invaded northern Syria, the federal government approved armaments deliveries to the NATO partner in the double-digit million range.

In the nine and a half months since the start of the offensive on October 9, 2019, until July 22, 2020, it gave the green light for deliveries worth 25.9 million euros. But there were no war weapons among them.

This emerges from a response from the Federal Ministry of Economics to a request from left-wing politician Sevim Dagdelen, who said that Turkish troops had marched into northern Syria to fight the Kurdish militia YPG, which the Ankara government sees as a terrorist organization.