According to initial findings, no one was injured in the persecution

In November, the State Office for Foreigners Affairs prepared the reception of the first refugees as part of the state program LAP 500. In the meantime – as of December 16 – 62 people have arrived in Boostedt. Another 23 are due to arrive before Christmas. According to its own information, the state office will organize the distribution of these people in the districts and independent cities in Schleswig-Holstein in the next few weeks. The first municipalities have already signaled their willingness to accept.

A total of 500 people will come in the next few years as part of the LAP. The UNHCR has classified them as particularly vulnerable. They have experienced considerable psychological and physical violence in their home countries, are traumatized and / or have permanent physical limitations. A commission in Schleswig-Holstein made a selection from the UNHCR proposals with the help of state employees who held talks in Cairo.

Augsburg (dpa / lby) – FC Augsburg wants to expand its winning streak and celebrate a club record in the Bundesliga in today’s home game against Fortuna Düsseldorf. The team of coach Martin Schmidt can celebrate the fifth victory in the last six games and have a total of 16 points – the club had never succeeded in this in the Bundesliga. In addition, a victory would be a big step in the relegation battle, as the Swabians would extend their lead over Düsseldorf to eleven points.

Despite the strong form, Coach Schmidt refuses to be considered by his team "Team of the hour" to speak. Before the penultimate matchday of the first half of the season, he warned that the FCA’s way to stay in the class "long not finished" be.

During the investigation into the fatal attack on a 49-year-old in Augsburg, the police also evaluated a so-called dashcam. This windshield camera from a taxi is said to have recorded the crime. On the video that the "Augsburg General" (Wednesday) first reported, a brief scuffle between the later victim and the youth should also be seen. The Augsburg public prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday that the dashcam video was known and was used in the investigation.

A 17-year-old born in Augsburg, who has German, Turkish and Lebanese citizenship, is in custody, among other things, on suspicion of manslaughter. He is said to have killed the 49-year-old with a blow to the head. Arrest warrants were issued against six other youths and young men for complicity in manslaughter. Some defense lawyers for the co-defendants now doubt that the allegations of state aid can be upheld. You are also referring to the taxi video.

The 49-year-old, an employee of the Augsburg professional fire brigade, was killed on Friday evening in a dispute with a group of young men on Augsburg’s Königsplatz. The man had been with his wife and a couple of friends on their way home from a Christmas market and a subsequent visit to a restaurant. The second man, a 50-year-old, was seriously injured, the wives were physically unharmed.

During the investigation over the weekend, the criminal investigation department had helped in particular with the video surveillance that had been installed on the square a year ago. All videos, including the vehicle camera of a taxi, have been evaluated, said Chief Prosecutor Matthias Nickolai. The previous arrest warrants, which a youth investigative judge had issued, were based on this. "A single video is only an excerpt and does not necessarily show everything", he said.

Attorney Michael Menzel, who represents one of the alleged accomplices, however, said there was "strong doubts" on the allegation of aiding and abetting manslaughter. The taxi video did not show that the victim had been surrounded by the young people, as has been shown so far.https://123helpme.me/argumentative-essay-topics/ It can be seen that there were nudges between those involved.

Defender Klaus Rödl, who is defending another accused, made a similar statement. The legal assessment regarding the aid may need to be reconsidered, he said. Both lawyers do not see any indication on the video that the blow to the victim could be justified as self-defense or emergency aid after a scramble. Menzel announced that after examining the investigation files, he will probably apply for a detention test for his client.

The defense lawyers in the case of the killed 49-year-old in Augsburg expect a decision on re-trial detention for their clients on Saturday. So far, they do not know the reasoning of the Munich Higher Regional Court (OLG), which had revised the release of six suspects ordered by the Augsburg Regional Court, as three of the lawyers told the German Press Agency on the morning. The public prosecutor’s office in Augsburg announced an explanation for Monday when asked. The OLG could not be reached at first.

The six accused were on St. Nicholas’ Day on Augsburg’s Königsplatz when a seventh from the group is said to have killed the 49-year-old in one blow. The 17-year-old, who has German, Turkish and Lebanese citizenship, is still in custody for manslaughter. The case had caused a stir nationwide, also because the victim had been with the professional fire department.

The six accused of assisted manslaughter had come out of custody on Monday. The youth chamber of the regional court had seen no urgent suspicion in the case of the 49-year-old. There was therefore no communal encircling of the victim. "With regard to the accused, who were further away from the crime, some of whom even turned their backs on it, according to the court’s statements, there was no objective aid treatment", it said in a message. The chamber also saw the possible reasons for imprisonment, risk of escape and risk of blackout, as not given.

One of the lawyers said the police arrested some of the six on Friday night. Others who were not at home reported to the police themselves. Another defense lawyer announced that he would examine the constitutional complaint at the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe.

The defense of FC Augsburg will face forward Rouwen Hennings in the last Bundesliga home game of the football year. The top attacker from Fortuna Düsseldorf reported fit again after a break due to flu for the game on Tuesday evening and is in the starting XI of the Rhinelander. The 32-year-old has already been successful ten times for Fortuna this Bundesliga season, which starts with four newcomers. After four wins from five games, Augsburg made no changes to their starting line-up. Right at the front is Florian Niederlechner, who most recently prepared all four Augsburg goals in the 4-2 draw against Hoffenheim.

Police officers followed a 71-year-old driver on Autobahn 7 through Schleswig-Holstein for more than 50 kilometers on Wednesday evening. The man had evaded a traffic control at the Neumünster-Nord exit, as the police announced on Thursday. Instead of stopping, the man accelerated his limousine and was at times traveling more than 200 kilometers per hour towards Denmark. Several patrol cars went into chase.

Only at the Schleswig-Schuby junction, around 56 kilometers from the Neumünster-Nord exit, did the officials manage to stop the journey. The 71-year-old, who lives in Geilenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, did not have a valid driver’s license, according to the police. In addition, the car was not properly registered. According to initial findings, no one was injured in the persecution. However, minor property damage occurred to a patrol car and the man’s car.

By the end of November, Schleswig-Holstein had deported 314 rejected asylum seekers to their home country or to third countries that were obliged to accept them. In the whole of 2018, there were 171, according to the immigration report for November of the State Office for Foreigners Affairs. In addition, 705 people made use of voluntary return programs to their home countries in the first eleven months. That was more than 2018 (517 people), but far fewer than in previous years (2017: 1629, 2016: 1984). Before that "Flensburger Tageblatt" reported about it.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the State Office took part in 52 collective deportations from the federal territory and also arranged nine charter flights in its own organization. "If it is legally clarified that rejected asylum seekers have to leave Schleswig-Holstein again, but they do not do so voluntarily, we are obliged to carry out deportations"said Interior Minister Hans-Joachim Grote (CDU).

In Schleswig-Holstein 3720 asylum seekers were registered from January to November – fewer than in the entire previous year. In 2018, 4,427 people came to the north, a year earlier 5214. In 2016, 9,959 people came.

In the case of the 49-year-old killed in Augsburg, the decision of the responsible regional court on the release of six suspects has been overturned, according to the police. A spokesman for the police in Augsburg said when asked on Friday evening that the higher regional court in Munich had made this decision. At first he did not give any further details. Several media had previously reported, including Bayerischer Rundfunk. The OLG could not initially be reached for an opinion.

The defense attorney for one of the six suspects told the German press agency on Friday evening that his client was arrested again on Friday. He will probably be brought before a judge on Saturday, the lawyer said.

The six suspects were involved in a dispute with the 49-year-old on St. Nicholas Day on Augsburg’s Königsplatz, during which a seventh from the group is said to have killed the victim with a single blow. The 17-year-old, who has German, Turkish and Lebanese citizenship, is still in custody for manslaughter. The case had caused a stir nationwide, also because the victim had been with the professional fire department.

A few days after the crime, the six suspects were arrested on 6 December for aiding and abetting manslaughter – they were released before Christmas. The youth chamber saw no urgent suspicion for them, the Augsburg regional court announced on Monday. The defense lawyers of the six teenagers and young adults had previously lodged a complaint.

The long-time coach and functionary Armin Veh does not aim to return to the limelight of the Bundesliga. "I no longer want a job where I come first"said the 58-year-old "Augsburger Allgemeine" (Saturday edition). "Standing right at the front gnaws at you, that time flies away – and I’m 70 very quickly." To "95 percent" he doesn’t want to take on a top job anymore.

Veh had worked as managing director at 1. FC Cologne until the beginning of November, the contract was terminated by mutual agreement. In retrospect, he attested to the team that it was "absolutely suitable for the Bundesliga". The ex-professional was active as a trainer at VfB Stuttgart, VfL Wolfsburg, Hamburger SV and Eintracht Frankfurt. Veh won the championship with VfB in 2007.

The fire on the Augsburg Christkindlesmarkt on Thursday night has apparently been set on purpose. The criminal police assume arson based on the overall circumstances, said the police headquarters in Swabia North on Friday. Witnesses noticed the fire around 3:45 a.m. on Boxing Day. A wooden shack burned abundantly and was destroyed. Five other booths were damaged. The fire department was able to extinguish the flames.

The investigators estimated the property damage at around 50,000 euros. People weren’t hurt. The police are now looking for witnesses who were in the market area between 3:00 a.m. and 3:45 a.m. at the time of the crime.

Eight ponies ran away from a paddock near Neumünster on Wednesday and ran onto a motorway slip road. Police blocked the road between the Holstenhallen and the A7 junction Neunmünster-Nord, as a spokesman said. The animals eventually ran onto smaller streets where they could be captured.

The new directors of the Brecht Festival are again focusing more and more on prominent names when designing the program. A number of well-known actors such as Corinna Harfouch, Lars Eidinger, Charly Hübner, Milan Peschel, Martin Wuttke, Kathrin Angerer and Maren Eggert are expected at the festival from February 14 to 23, 2020 in Augsburg.

The previous artistic director Patrick Wengenroth, who had been responsible for the festival in Brecht’s hometown for three years, had been accused of getting too little known names. Previously, well-known actors were often guests in Augsburg.

As the new director of the festival, Jürgen Kuttner, explained on Monday, it does not depend on the celebrities of the actors. He already knows these actors and thinks they are good, said Kuttner. Ultimately, it is important to arouse the curiosity of creative people. The actors would for "an apple and an egg" participate in the festival. "You don’t buy a Lars Eidinger with money"said Kuttner. He directs the festival together with director Tom Kühnel. Both also work together at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin.

18 new productions are planned for the festival. There are two highlights "spectacle"- Evenings on February 14th and 22nd, each time a series of plays will be shown one after the other. The Augsburg State Theater participates with a world premiere of a new play that is being created together with the Municipal Theaters in Prague based on the story of the good soldier Schwejk. In addition, further concerts and a film series are planned during the Brecht Festival.

Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) was born in Augsburg and lived in the Swabian city until his youth, in Berlin the author later became a world-famous theater man. Under the motto "He is sensible, everyone understands him" the new festival organizers want one "Break for everyone" to introduce. They want to show that the author is more than the textbook Brecht or the classic Brecht and continues to radiate into popular culture today.

The festival has a budget of around 420,000 euros, about a third of which is borne by the city, the Free State and sponsors. Normally, the management of the Brecht Festival should always be reassigned every three years.