Despite Biden’s election, it would be wrong to put aside the pursuit of greater European sovereignty.

And more and more often this means for them that they only earn low wages. There are regional differences in Germany: more and more people without a vocational qualification end up in the low-wage sector in Germany. Of the 1.67 million full-time employees without a qualification, 40.4 percent recently only earned income at the low wage level, i.e. below two thirds of the median income. The Left in the Bundestag drew attention to these figures from the Federal Employment Agency.

The most recent information is from the end of 2018, compared to 35.3 percent of 1.43 million without a degree four years earlier. The following year, 2015, 36.6 percent of the 1.47 million employees at the time without a degree had only a low income. A year later, statisticians recorded an increase to 38.1 percent of the 1.53 million employees without a degree. The median income reached by full-time employees without a degree was € 2,461 in 2018 – € 843 less than total full-time employees.

Employees with an academic qualification even came to 5113 euros. In eastern Germany, as many as 58.1 percent of people without a qualification recently earned only low wages, whereas in western Germany only 38.6 percent. Of the employees with recognized professional qualifications, a total of 18.4 percent were in the low-wage sector. In eastern Germany, the mean income of full-time employees without a vocational qualification was most recently significantly lower at 2023 euros gross than in western Germany at 2507 euros gross. According to the federal states, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania paid the lowest average wage for full-time employees without a vocational qualification: 1,854 euros gross per month.

The Bundestag member Sabine Zimmermann von der Linke said: “” People without a professional qualification have a particularly difficult time in the labor market. “” They are much more often affected by unemployment. “If they are in work, they receive significantly less wages.” “What is needed is an increase in the minimum wage to 12 euros and, in the future, a ban on temporary work as a variant of systematic low-wage employment. In order to reduce the proportion of people without qualifications, the federal government must also introduce a legal right to training and continuing education, demanded the MPs. Source: ntv.de, hul / dpa “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv .de on the subject of poverty A desolate budget, high unemployment figures and growing poverty, the new government of Slovakia is facing enormous tasks. The Slovaks apparently no longer trust the incumbent Prime Minister Fico to do this. In which country is the World Cup actually taking place?

Poverty, violence and racism determine everyday life in South Africa.english biology essay writing service Football should change that and show the world a new image of the country. But South Africa’s social imbalance creates tensions that threaten to tear the country apart. Till Schwarze Around 1.2 million children worldwide are victims of human trafficking. Above all, poverty forces families or mothers to sell their children.

Rio de Janeiro is known as the “” wonderful city “”. However, there is a lot of poverty and crime. Visitors to the Brazilian metropolis should know that. The trip is definitely worth it.

Benigno Aquino becomes the new President of the Philippines by a large majority. Now he has to show whether he can keep his promises to fight corruption and eradicate poverty. Meanwhile, the widow and children of ex-dictator Marcos are celebrating a political comeback. For the first time in its history, the Berlin Theatertreffen is exclusively showing productions of modern works – and almost all of them tell of unemployment, poverty and fear of the future.

Poverty, hunger, education – the UN Millennium Development Goals approved in 2000 were intended to help the poorest of the poor. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are now drawing a pessimistic interim balance sheet: most of the goals will probably not be achieved. The global economic crisis is also to blame.

Fifteen years ago, Cecilia Nyambura was still one of the poorest of the poor in Nairobi. Today she lives in her own home and has the Spanish Queen Sofia to visit. While the parties are discussing concepts, the German Institute for Economic Research is already presenting concrete results: Over 11 million people in Germany are at risk of poverty. Over a quarter of young adults live below the poverty line, parents are particularly at risk. According to the National Poverty Conference (NKA), the black and yellow federal government must do more to combat poverty in Germany.

From the NKA’s point of view, 2009 was a bad year. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the subject of minimum wages The wage gap within Germany is still considerable almost 30 years after the fall of the Wall an employee in the east of the country is almost 4900 euros less per year, but has to work 56 hours more.

Jens Spahn wants to fight the nursing emergency in Germany with higher wages. Nursing professionals should earn at least two and a half thousand euros a month in the future. The federal government already presented a draft law in June, but one important question remains open. The minimum wage has been in place for five years.

The German Federation of Trade Unions, however, is of the opinion that around two million people are being cheated out of this. A fundamental problem: working hours are “” too easy to manipulate “”. More and more people are dependent on care. But there are only a few who want to work in the nursing field.

The government is now launching its law on better pay for nurses. The design has received praise and criticism from the industry. Walmart has the largest workforce in the US private sector. A higher minimum wage would hit the office a lot.

Nevertheless, CEO McMillon is committed to it. However, Walmart itself has been criticized for “” starvation wages “”. The state government of Berlin wants to bring hundreds of unemployed people into publicly funded jobs from July. They receive open-ended employment contracts and are paid according to the state minimum wage.

It is an attempt to overcome the Hartz IV policy. Education Minister Anja Karliczek has already been dubbed the most inactive and most invisible minister in Merkel’s cabinet. In the Bundestag she has to answer the questions of the MPs – can that go well? Yes, because the minister has started to submit. By Benjamin Konietzny The minimum wage for apprentices will in future be regulated by the state and no longer by companies.

Trainees are guaranteed 515 euros per month. Criticism of the planned reform of remuneration comes primarily from trade unions and professional associations. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the subject of Georgia” Ads with political topics have not been possible on Facebook for a few weeks – and that will not change anytime soon. Advertisers should be prepared for the fact that the advertising ban could last for up to a month, announced the world’s largest online network.

Before the election, Facebook had banned the political ads from the site to prevent “” confusion or abuse, “” as it was called at the time. Among other things, aggressive advertising campaigns should be kept away from the platform during the hottest phase of the election campaign. The Democrats promptly criticized the extension of the advertising suspension because it would hinder the campaign before the Senate runoff elections in Georgia.

There will be two senatorial seats at the beginning of January, which will decide on the majority in the Congress Chamber. +++ 23:01 infected on election evening? Another corona case in the White House +++ The White House has another corona case: Political director Brian Jack tested positive over the weekend, as reported by several US media. Jack was at the White House on Tuesday last week to watch the election results be announced. According to the “New York Times”, the virus was also detected in another presidential adviser, but the newspaper did not mention a name.

On the other hand, the infections of Head of Cabinet Mark Meadows, Building Minister Ben Carson and David Bossie, the head of the legal team, are already known. They all spent election evening in the White House. +++ 22:30 Trump adviser: what he will give a maximum of +++ The major US broadcaster NBC reports on its news page that Trump’s advisors believe that he will no longer defeat grant. Anonymous sources close to the president are cited.

So one of those people said, “” He’s going to say something like, ‘We can’t trust the results. But I will no longer act against it ‘””. Someone else said that Trump’s statement would go something like: “” I acknowledge the results, but we will never know how accurate they were. “” The point has not yet been reached. +++ 21:56 US Congress plans new Nord Stream 2 sanctions +++ A good example of the fact that with Trump not all problems in German-American relations will disappear is the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The USA have already brought its construction to a standstill with sanctions and new punitive measures are already being planned.

As reported by “” Bloomberg “”, negotiators from the Senate and House of Representatives have included them in a bill for the defense budget. Accordingly, insurers and technical certifiers should be targeted. Mind you, this has not yet been officially decided, but in the end it should only be a formality. Because Nord Stream 2 is one of the few topics on which Republicans and Democrats largely agree. +++ 21:23 Micro still open – Fox News presenter reacts to Trump-friendly guest +++ In the Trump universe it has The fact that Fox News also proclaimed Biden the election winner caused irritation.

Now in the Trump camp it is said that the election is not decided until all the votes have been counted – which is not wrong, but the media have great experience in counting the likely winner and, by the way, Trump was that method in 2016 as well good enough. Now Trump-friendly attorney Cleta Jones gave a phone interview with Fox News and spread that very view. Moderator Sandra Smith reacted in disbelief and asked her colleague: “” What is going on here? We declared the race over. “” It’s just too bad that the microphone was still open. +++ 20:48 Native American could become Biden’s Minister of the Interior +++ Deb Haaland was elected to the US House of Representatives in 2018 – she and Sharice Davids are the first American native women to have made it.

Now Haaland is in talks to become Interior Minister under Biden, as the “” Huffington Post “” reports. Dozens of tribal leaders want to campaign for this. As Minister of the Interior, Haaland would have oversight of federally owned land, which is particularly large in the center of the United States. If a “” Native American “” got this post, it would also have a symbolism. +++ 20:11 Trump’s former security advisor calls on him to admit defeat +++ John Bolton was Trump’s national security advisor for a year and a half, but in 2019 he turned disappointed and shocked by the president who had asked him to resign. Now the longtime Republican calls on him and the Republicans to accept the election defeat.

That Trump has the right to exhaust all legal means is a truism, he writes in the “Washington Post” “. Then he would also have to provide evidence of his election fraud allegations, which he was apparently unable to do. Bolton warns Republicans not to damage their own party’s reputation now. It’s not too late to give in. +++ 19:47 Mississippi MP dreams of own country +++ Whoever sits in the Mississippi House of Representatives is not necessarily the most influential US politician.

But the fact that MP Price Wallace is now tweeting his state should leave the United States and open a country of its own makes a deep impression. The Republican responded to a tweet in which a partisan expressed fear that there could be more unrest and looting with Biden. +++ 18:30 Maas: Europe must take on more responsibility despite Biden +++ Foreign Minister Heiko Maas sees a greater responsibility for Germany and the EU in foreign and security policy, because the USA would take more care of Asia under President Joe Biden. He and his French colleague Jean-Yves Le Drian discussed the right answers to the new US government, Maas said on Wednesday at an SPD conference. Despite Biden’s election, it would be wrong to put aside the pursuit of greater European sovereignty. “That would be a very big mistake.” “The good thing about Biden’s choice is that Biden is a staunch multilateralist who believes that international problems can only be solved through cooperation. “” We’re on the same team again, “said Maas. +++ 18:06 Trump attacks Republicans from Philadelphia who defended the election +++ That one of the electoral officials in Philadelphia said that the election went absolutely clean and it did did not give fraud, is angry President Trump.

He attacks the Republican Al Schmidt as a liar who ignores all the evidence of electoral fraud. Which Trump or the Republicans always talk about but don’t put forward. Schmidt said on CNN that he couldn’t understand why people were so willingly consuming lies. Trump announced on Twitter that he was a Republican in name only.

The social network provided his message with a warning. +++ 17:28 Georgia is counting votes again +++ The US state of Georgia will re-count all votes cast in the presidential election by hand. This was announced by the responsible State Secretary Brad Raffensperger. That was the right decision given the close gap between President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden, he said. Georgia is not decisive for Biden’s election victory. The state of Pennsylvania has already raised him over the threshold of the necessary 270 voters. +++ 17:16 Trump’s first public appearance since Biden’s election victory is expected +++ Since his challenger Biden was proclaimed the winner by all major US broadcasters on Saturday, has President Trump no longer shown publicly.

That should change shortly. He will lay a wreath at the US National Cemetery in Arlington on Veteran’s Day. It is not yet clear whether he will also say something. Biden also commemorated the veterans at a memorial in Philadelphia.

Update: Trump left the cemetery after the ceremony without saying anything. +++ 16:44 Kamala Harris’s man gives up his job +++ In the future, the USA will have a “second gentleman” for the first time, namely the man from Kamala Harris, Doug Emhof.