Now the 41-year-old has to watch her husband perform the same ceremony again – this time with his lover.

At the 2006 and 2010 World Championships, it was third place, at the 2008 European Championships it was second. That is extraordinary, but not excellent. On this evening in Rio de Janeiro, he wanted to remove this flaw. For this he sacrificed himself and his body.

A year before the World Cup in Brazil, his last, he had said: “The most important thing is that we continue our development and then manage to achieve the really big triumph.” “Each of us has a picture of his career in his head, the 2014 final. He is covered in blood, he keeps getting up,” said Joachim Löw on Tuesday afternoon. Just a few hours later, Schweinsteiger announced the end of his career.

Whether he already knew it or not, it was obvious that the journalists asked the national coach about Schweinsteiger. The day before Germany meets Argentina again in Dortmund on Wednesday (from 8.45 p.m. live on RTL and in the live ticker on ntv.de), even if only in a test match. In fact, the picture of the bleeding and stunned-looking Schweinsteiger is in 109. Minutes the scene of the endgame.

It is dealt with in the margin. Kevin Großkreutz is already available as a replacement. But the gladiator staggered back into the arena two minutes later at the center line. He immediately demands the ball, but Mats Hummels does not see it.

And neither does Jérôme Boateng. Schweinsteiger spreads his arms helplessly. Boateng matches goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

Schweinsteiger runs backwards, pass from Neuer. The boss finally has the ball. He is attacked again immediately.

These images even outshine the moment when Mario Götze made Germany the world champion. André Schürrle runs with bowed head, looking at the ball over the left side. Fernando Gago and Javier Mascherano attack him, but Schürrle just keeps sprinting, always straight ahead.

He doesn’t have time to see who of his colleagues is where in the penalty area, he just crosses at the risk of luck. The ball flies exactly to Götze. He takes it with his chest, the ball falls directly in front of his feet and Götze shoots it into the goal with his left when falling.

After 113 minutes it is 1-0 for Germany in a fast, intense final that puts the audience in an emotional state of emergency. The last ball contact before the triumph, before the fourth star for the DFB team, belongs to Bastian Schweinsteiger. In the fourth minute of stoppage time in extra time, he jumps into a high cross from the Argentines, he receives a check in the back from the completely over-motivated Mascherano. He falls.

One last time. Referee Nicola Rizzoli then whistles for the game, and Germany is the world champion. And Bastian Schweinsteiger too.

For the 108th time since his debut on June 6, 2004, he had played for the national team.best online biology essay writing service Now, ten years later, he has achieved his goal. Maybe he had played better football before, who can tell?

But now he had played the game of his life. Choosing a World Cup final for it wasn’t his worst idea. The final in the Maracanã was a powerful statement to all of his critics, who viewed him, who had not started well in the tournament, as a problem. Schweinsteiger gave the German game structure and rhythm. He passed, he straddled.

He also took care of Lionel Messi. He won 64 percent of his duels, 90 percent of his passes reached his teammates, and with 15.3 kilometers he covered the longest distance of all. He was the boss, not just in midfield. He took responsibility and went ahead.

He persevered, did not spare himself and did not let himself get down. That was world champion. “It was a fight, but it had to be done,” he said. “Your legs are screwed, of course, but it paid off.” Now it’s over for good. Bastian Schweinsteiger has ended his career.

He has written many stories. And he became immortal. Source: ntv.de “” In the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, police officers killed an average of five people a day in the first quarter of the year. (Photo: imago / Agencia EFE) The authorities in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro have one sad results published: In the first quarter of this year, more people were killed by police officers than ever before. According to this, 434 people died in the state as a result of “police interventions” – the equivalent of an average of five deaths per day. Even more: According to the Brazilian Institute for Public Security, this is an increase of 17.9 percent compared to the first quarter of the previous year. The rise followed immediately after the assumption of office of the new governor Wilson Witzel, who is a supporter of the right-wing extremist President Jair Bolsonaro and who supports his hard line in the fight against crime.

Source: ntv.de “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the subject of Rio de Janeiro Authorities speak of the worst storm in 20 years: In the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, residents were surprised by rain. At least ten people were killed in the floods. The newspaper “O Globo” blames the city for the catastrophe that has hit Brazilian football again in a fatal disaster.

A fire breaks out in a youth dormitory run by the top club Flamengo in Rio de Janeiro. At least ten people die, and there are probably several youth players among the victims. Lepers continue to be stigmatized in Brazil. Since little was known about the disease in the past century, those affected were sent to special colonies.

Many still live there today – isolated from society. For a decade Brazil experienced a historic upswing. But corruption scandals are shaking confidence in democracy. The far-right Jair Bolsonaro will benefit from this – he could become the new president today. By Roland Peters, Rio de Janeiro The fire brigade fights a major fire in the most important museum in Brazil until late at night.

Millions of artifacts, fossils and works of art fall victim to the flames. This is a tragedy for culture in Brazil, says the museum director. He is not returning to his home country: Hamburg’s ex-Interior Senator Schill has made himself comfortable in Rio de Janeiro. Despite the crime, he apparently feels right at home in a favela and, as he says, had “a facade renovation” undertaken.

In a church in a slum in Rio de Janeiro, an evangelical pastor preaches the gospel with the help of Metallica and Motörhead. Free churches are on the rise in Latin America – but not all of them are as liberal as the Metal Christians. Rio de Janeiro has long been heading under a wave of violence. After street fights between criminal gangs and the police, the favelas resemble a battlefield.

Scarce resources force the treating physicians to make difficult decisions. Only in the morning did the Supreme Court of Brazil reject a stay of detention for ex-President Lula, now the 72-year-old only has a few hours left. The day before, he was considered the most promising candidate for the presidential election in October. “News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the topic of Rio de Janeiro The German table tennis men will play in the semi-finals of the team competition in Rio against Japan. The German women have already successfully overcome this hurdle – in several nerve-wracking marathon games. As in 2008 and 2012, the German table tennis men are in the semi-finals of the team competition at the Olympics. After the disappointment in the individual, Boll and Ovtcharov now want the longed-for medal. But it won’t be a sure-fire success.

The goal of the German hockey men is clear: after 2008 and 2012, Olympic gold should also be secured in Rio in 2016. New Zealand must be defeated in the quarter-finals. An unpleasant opponent, it turns out. Andy Murray creates something that Serena Williams actually wanted to achieve: As in 2012, the tennis professional celebrates gold in the individual in Rio.

A novelty – and hard won. The important thing: World champion Kristina Vogel is in the track sprint in Rio in the round of 16. There the Thuringian has to improve significantly. On the other hand, Omnium hope Roger Kluge got off to a good start. Artem Harutyunyan is the only one of six German boxers to make it past the first fight.

With another victory in the Olympic quarter-finals, he would already have bronze. “I thought: What is he doing? Is that supposed to be a marriage proposal?” Yes, exactly that: Qin Kai gets on his knees and asks the question of all questions. And the water diver He Zi, who had just won Olympic silver, bursts into tears. Track bike sprinter Jason Kenny repeated his Olympic victory in London in the supreme discipline in Rio de Janeiro.

In the uneven bars finals, two German gymnasts fight for precious metal. In the end, the two bronze medals. Sophie Scheder is beaming. In Rio there are basketball teams and there is the US team: Against France, Kevin Durant’s Americans struggle again, but they win.

The Americans are now in the quarterfinals without defeat. France is also more advanced. “Frequently breaks with royal conventions: Rama X. (Photo: REUTERS) It is a bizarre sight: At a ceremony, a woman literally lies at the feet of the Thai King Rama X. Sineenat, 33 years his junior, is his Beloved – whom the married monarch now declares to be his surrogate wife. It was only three months ago that the world saw a strange ceremony in Thailand.

King Maha Vajiralongkorn sat on his gilded throne, his wife Suditha lay at his feet to be appointed queen by the monarch. Now the 41-year-old has to watch her husband perform the same ceremony again – this time with his lover. Maha, who likes to break royal conventions, is now the first Thai king to be officially with two women.

With a rigid expression on her face, Suditha followed the spectacle on Sunday evening in which the 34-year-old Sineenat also rose to the monarchy on live television. She watched apathetically as her husband anointed his lover and poured “ceremonial water” over her head, as “The Times” writes. The former bodyguard of the king is now officially his second partner. “It’s bizarre what happened there in the palace in Bangkok,” says aristocracy expert Jürgen Worlitz to RTL. “The beloved is valued and is allowed to call herself a noble queen and thus becomes socially acceptable, so to speak.” For the 67-year-old king, also called Rama X., this act has great advantages: “If he has to represent, he and his wife Suditha can publicly appear, but he can just as easily perform with his lover, because she is now the substitute queen. ” He can also show himself with both women at the same time without whispering because he is so far above the law, the expert continues. Because Thailand has so-called Lèse Majesté laws, which make critical statements against the king a punishable offense – up to 15 years imprisonment threatens. Worlitz knows the “escapade king”, as Rama X. is also called because of his many love affairs, personally . He assumes that Suditha had known for a long time that her husband had a lover – after all, she was many years ago.

Her successor is now pursuing the same career as she once did. Perhaps she will also become his wife number five. Suditha also had to crawl in front of her husband a few months ago. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Rama X. is currently married for the fourth time . His first marriage to his cousin, Princess Soamsavali, broke up after the birth of their first child in 1978, but they did not divorce until 1993. At the time he and his lover Sucharinee already had five children.

After his divorce he married the actress, who left him in 1996 and fled to England with the children. His third marriage was with Srirasmi. With her he fathered his only legitimate son, the heir to the throne, Prince Dipangkorn. The divorce followed in 2005, and his fourth wedding to Suditha came as a surprise to the entire population.

Only three days before his official coronation in May of this year, he announced from the palace that his wife, a former stewardess, would be raised to monarch. Until then it was not known that they were married. How the Thais feel about their king cannot be clearly stated because of the Lèse Majesté laws.

However, he is considered to be much less popular than his parents. The late King Bhumibol previously sat on the throne for more than seven decades, his widow Sirikit is still called the “Queen”. Source: ntv.de, lri “Kevin Kuranyi (center), here in 2018 with Ailton and Ronaldinho, helps people in favelas in his hometown Rio de Janeiro in the fight against Covid-19. (Photo: imago images / Jan Huebner) Leon Goretzka, Joshua Kimmich and the national team showed how they did it when they raised several million euros for social purposes in the Corona crisis -National player Kevin Kuranyi helps those who need it most in Rio de Janeiro – in a favela. Only one curve separates the villas of Gávea and the unplastered houses of the Rocinha: As Bernhard Weber in the parking lot in the favela, one with 70,000 inhabitants In the largest poor district in Brazil, a line has already formed in front of it. Weber, in collaboration with the former national soccer player Kevin Kuranyi, already had 40 parcels in the Pereira favela in the morning da Silva distributed. “Now it’s the turn of the second 40 in the Rocinha,” says Weber.

So many plastic bags filled with oil, sugar, salt, coffee, spaghetti, tomato sauce, sardines, rice and beans, but also soap and detergent fit in his car. “The idea arose when my buddy Bernhard called me and asked if I would like to start something with him in the Corona crisis,” says Kuranyi. Weber himself lived in various favelas in Rio de Janeiro for nine years, including the Pereira da Silva and the Rocinha. The blond Swabian makes funk music, is a tourist guide and, as “Gringo de Janeiro” – the writing is emblazoned on his bright green T-shirt – a brand in Rio. A helper hands out protective masks in the Rocinha favela in Rio de Janeiro. (Photo: imago images / ZUMA Wire) And he is a friend of Kuranyi, with whom he has been looking for a direct way how she can help in the favelas that are particularly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is how they came up with the basic care packages, because the residents often lack the essentials.