Vernissage in the Hofgarten gallery (where the exhibition from 16.

She married Eric Trump in 2014 in Mar-a-Lago, the princely family seat. The two got to know each other five years earlier, they became aware of each other because “” we were both the tallest people in the room, “” Lara once said in an interview. The 38-year-old and Donald Trump’s second son now have two children.

Eric, Vice President of Trump Orginization, and his two-year-old wife have stood out as ardent campaigners for Donald Trump’s re-election. They don’t always hit the right note, but they seem like an indestructible unit. Lara was active in the election campaign for her father-in-law, waving, giving speeches and organizing the “Women for Trump” events. Meanwhile, Eric often posted cozy photos of the porch with the children on Instagram – at least it seems to be quite emancipated at Trump Junior. Make America Great Again – could also be her motto. (Photo: imago images / UPI Photo) A colleague from Trump’s campaign team attests to Lara Trump’s charismatic manner, as she revealed to the “” New York Times “”. “” She is really good at campaign events when it comes to addressing and communicating directly with voters. She has a natural instinct for politics. “” Her chances shouldn’t be bad in North Carolina: They know her there and everyone knows how hard she worked for the re-election of her father-in-law.

A slightly different “” child labor “” in the Trump house is not unusual – the senior has harnessed his whole family. Then why not the daughter-in-law too? Donald Trump Jr. now directs the fortunes of Trump’s company.

The father of five is divorced from his wife Vanessa, but already had a new wife by his side during the election campaign. Eric Trump (l) supports his wife, Vanessa (2nd from right) was the Trump hustle and bustle too much, it is said, she divorced Donald Jr. (Photo: imago images / ZUMA Wire) Ivanka is not only a first daughter, but also her father’s advisor in the White House. Together with her husband Jared Kushner, she represents the intellectual line of the family. Ivanka made sure that many women who felt attacked by the sometimes misogynistic tweets of their father, let themselves be reconciled. And husband Jared brought his expertise as a financial investor, real estate developer and media consultant to the White House. Eric Trump, Lara’s husband, has so far been particularly noticeable because of his ambivalent behavior: Here the founder of a children’s cancer charity (which he put on hold during the election campaign so as not to cause confusion with donations), there is a photo with it dead animals hunting for big game; here defender of misinformation that his father let spread over and over again, as the family man and husband who apparently lets his wife go first, along with some other candidates for the seat in the Senate, which Lara Trump – who has not yet officially confirmed her intentions – is seeking , it has a particularly strong competitor: none other than the aforementioned White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, who represented the state of North Carolina in the US House of Representatives from 2013 to 2020. Source: ntv.de, with AFP “Places, .. ….

People, …… shops, …… situations in Munich. Everything just kiss-kiss? By no means. Nicole Giesa immortalized Munich on her hikes through often deserted streets in pictures that touch. She is – after a severe personal blow – moved to the “” capital with a heart “”. After two decades in Berlin, Giesa wanted to dare to make a personal restart – then came Corona. And the shutdown, the …… almost complete standstill of public life. A time in which one was thrown back on oneself, …… the big questions of life perhaps even more intensely than usual , …… but also a time of new beginnings.to kill a mockingbird research paper topics Giesa, who has been working successfully in artist management for over 20 years and runs a PR agency for actors, …… has used this time and is over, at first restless, driven and curious, …… then sharpening the eye more and more …… on the special: ……

Moments, …… people, …… humanity. This man in orange, for example, was photographed by Nicole Giesa and then looked for. She wrote on Instagram and Facebook: “” During my 800 km hike through Munich at the time of the shutdown, this happy AWM employee laughingly offered to take a photo.

Now “” Mr. Orange “” is part of my exhibition and should not be missing from the vernissage. If someone sees him, please stop him and give him my contact. That would be wonderful.

Because: Heart’s blood rocks! And the clean Munich too. “” What can you say? “” Mr. Orange “” was found, of course, …… it comes to the opening in the Hofgarten Gallery (where the exhibition will be on view from August 16 to 29) …… and Nicole Giesa can do miracles again Because for the native Hanoverian, Munich is a stage – a stage on which everyone can be who they are, but she does not take her favorite photos on stage, but behind the stage. That is where it is most human: after 800 kilometers on foot over hill and dale in the Bavarian metropolis, Nicole Giesa can now confidently claim to have arrived – in her city.

And: The seeker has found something – a new perspective. (Text: Sabine Oelmann) “Donald Trump wants to fight the economic consequences of the Corona crisis by decree. (Photo: AP) Donald Trump is governing by the parliament. Among other things, he wants to give millions of unemployed US-Americans more money to gain his opportunities Parallels to a gloomy television series are obvious. If parliament does not take off, the head of state governs by decree.

Donald Trump wants to fight the economic consequences of the Corona crisis by decree – regardless of whether this is even legal. In doing so, he follows an equally controversial figure: With the fictional President Frank Underwood from the Netflix series “House of Cards”, the end always justifies the means. The Bloomberg news agency has noticed remarkable parallels. US President Trump has ordered further corona aid for workers, unemployed, tenants and students because negotiations in the US Congress are not making progress. Trump promises much-needed aid, including more money for millions of unemployed.

To this end, like Underwood played by Kevin Spacey, he is redeploying existing funds. Trump is drawing on reserves from civil protection and previous economic stimulus packages amounting to $ 44 billion. Just like in the series version, in which Underwood takes the rapid rise in unemployment as an opportunity to declare a national emergency and launch a federally funded job program. The additional payments were funded by the federal government until the end of July. According to Trump’s regulation, however, a quarter of the new aid should come from the coffers of the states.

If they didn’t want to pay their share, there would be no increase at all. The states, on the other hand, are likely to run a storm because they already have less income as a result of the pandemic. Trump’s disposal is – as in the series – legally on very thin ice. It is questionable whether the President even has the right to use funds in this way.

Because according to the US Constitution, Congress has sovereignty over taxes and public finances. There Trump’s Republicans are dependent on a compromise with the Democrats. Like Underwood in “” House of Cards “” Trump faces opposition from senators and members of the House of Representatives, both Democrats and Republicans. It is very likely that the dispute will end up in court – the outcome is open. In the series, Underwood prevails despite legal hurdles and wins re-election because the program is so popular with the population. Trump is also hoping for this: there should be up to US $ 400 additional aid per week for the unemployed, fewer evictions for insolvent tenants and a deferral of social security contributions.

Trump promises to permanently lower wages tax if he wins the election, but things quickly become uncomfortable for Underwood despite his victory. He has to resign at the beginning of his second term because of numerous scandals. Source: ntv.de, jga / dpa / AFP “Somehow it is surprising that the series made it onto Russian television.

In “” Servant of the People “” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj plays a history teacher who is promoted to head of state of the country. After three episodes broadcast, the broadcaster TNT has now withdrawn the series from its program. Zelenskyj comes to power and fights corruption. Was shot before the actor became president himself in the spring.

Zelenskyi commented on the dismissal on Ukrainian television with a wink: To show the series at all was a “” major information error by the broadcaster or part of the power that determines the information policy of Russia “”. People could now continue to watch them on YouTube. “” Some have nuclear weapons, but others have ‘servants of the people’. “” That punchline was right. Source: ntv.de “TV series news, reviews and videos Barry Crane has directed and produced popular TV series such as “” Dallas “” “” “The streets of San Francisco” “or” “Cobra, take over” “. Then he was murdered.

Now, more than 30 years later, the police are arresting a suspect. Volodymyr Selenskyi is already president in a television series. Now it should also be in reality.

According to initial forecasts, the newcomer to politics will be elected Ukraine’s new head of state by a large majority. Moscow expressly welcomes Poroshenko’s removal from office. When the US series “” Holocaust “” went around the world 40 years ago, people in Germany were appalled. Hardly any broadcaster wants to broadcast it, protests are raining from left and right.

In the end it works. A new documentary now shows what the series did in Germany. In an interview, Sesame Street author Mark Saltzman outed the dolls Ernie and Bert supposedly as a gay couple and sparked a worldwide debate.

Although his statement sounded clear, Saltzman now speaks of a misunderstanding. He is not returning to his home country: Hamburg’s ex-Interior Senator Schill has made himself comfortable in Rio de Janeiro. Despite the crime, he apparently feels right at home in a favela and, as he says, “had a facade renovation” undertaken. The Robin Masters estate in Hawaii should be familiar to fans of the cult series “Magnum”. Now its main building is about to be demolished and the reason for this is perhaps none other than former US President Obama.

By Hansjürgen Mai, Hawaii Monogamous, polygamous, open, closed: there are now various relationship models that are replacing traditional marriage. Sexologist Ann-Marlene Henning explains why people are made for polygamy and that self-confidence has nothing to do with sex appeal. An impending writers’ strike could permanently shake the entertainment industry in the USA. The labor dispute is likely to cost viewers television and cinema – in favor of streaming offers.

President Trump would not be inconvenient either. It’s a nightmare for Netflix: A hacker blackmailed the streaming service. This apparently does not react – the criminal is now posting several episodes of “Orange Is the New Black” “online. They shouldn’t run until June.

Schwarzenegger recently took over the moderation of Trump’s TV show “” Celebrity Apprentice “” – since then the ratings have been down. In a speech, Trump calls for prayer for the actor. He countered immediately. “Today, Pripyat is a ghost town. (Photo: AP) The nuclear accident in Chernobyl, Ukraine suddenly becomes topical again through a television series. Many people are drawn to the scene feels compelled to make a statement. The HBO series “” Chernobyl “” about the nuclear accident in the Ukrainian power station has apparently led to a tourism boom in the disaster region.

Since the five-part series was broadcast in May, 30 to 40 percent more guests have come, reports the British “Guardian”. The behavior of many visitors called for scriptwriter Craig Mazin. “” It’s wonderful that #ChernobylHBO “” started a wave of tourism in the forbidden zone, “” he tweeted. But he saw the photos and wished the tourists would consider the disaster that occurred in this place. “” Treat all those who have suffered and sacrificed with respect. “” Mazon alluded to a photo posted on Instagram that has since been removed. A woman wore a protective suit and only a pair of briefs underneath.

The city of Pripyat, where first the builders and later the workers of the nuclear power plant lived with their families, has been open to tourists for years. The entire city was evacuated 36 hours after the nuclear accident, and after the miniseries broadcast, it was mainly influencers who often posted photos that many found disrespectful and provocative. The #Chernobyl on Instagram includes photos of people posing in front of the ruins. Thousands of people died as a result of the Chernobyl accident after a safety test at the nuclear power plant failed on April 26, 1986.

Several companies are offering tours to Pripyat and the area around the destroyed Chernobyl nuclear power plant. All that is required for the trip are sturdy shoes and clothing that covers the entire body. The multiple measurement of radioactivity is included in the price. Source: ntv.de, sba “” As an ordinary suburban housewife “” she begins to feel little respected, said Marge in the clip. (Photo: ASSOCIATED PRESS) The makers of the “” The Simpsons “” regularly tear American society apart, but they usually stay out of the trench warfare between Republicans and Democrats – unless they are addressed directly, like now. The cartoon family “” The Simpsons “” has been drawn into the US presidential campaign – and apparently doesn’t find it funny at all.

An adviser to US President Donald Trump, Jenna Ellis, had compared the voice of Democratic Vice-candidate Kamala Harris with that of Marge Simpson in a tweet. “” The Simpsons “” responded on Twitter with a video clip in Friday which the mother of the characters Lisa, Bart and Maggie complained about the comparison. “” I don’t usually get involved in politics, “says Marge in her somewhat croaking, gnarled voice.